Intangible assets are a huge asset to any business! Goodwill, trademark, logo, intellectual property, patents, software, licenses, etc. are all intangible assets.

If you are planning to sell your business, your intangible assets should be included in the valuation of the company. The following methods can be used to understand the value of intangible assets:

Cost method
This method calculates the cost that another company would need to copy / recreate the intangible assets we are interested in.

Purchase method
We are looking for valuations of intangible assets from another company. The value of the intangible assets of this company is used as a ‘reference base’ for the valuation of the intangible assets of the company we are interested in.

Income method
The future benefits that the intangible asset will bring to another business will be calculated. For this method we need to use cash flow projections.

QVALUE has a lot of experience in Intangible assets.
In this emerging knowledge economy, it can be characterized as a company specializing in this subject.

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