In order for companies to maintain their competitive advantages and maximize their value, they must constantly offer new and improved products and services.

To achieve this, requires a combination of various tangible and intangible assets, the proper management of which leads to new areas of business and profits. Tangible assets are physical in nature and are readily apparent. Intangibles assets however, either have no physical substance or have a value that does not relate to their physical substance. The value of an intangible asset is a function of the rights or privileges associated with its ownership.

The main characteristics of intangible fixed assets are:

1. have no physical existence
2. grant their holder certain exclusive rights;
3. Provide the company with certain future benefits, and
4. have a relatively long useful life.

Intangible business assets are not something new that has recently appeared in business. Their role has grown and become more important for the operation and prosperity of many types of businesses. The difference between the book values and market value, reveal the growing importance of intangible assets.

QVALUE has a lot of experience in Intangible assets.
In this emerging knowledge economy, it can be characterized as a company specializing in this subject.

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