Recent years there has been a significantly growing interest in defining values ​​in the art market and collections, both in Europe and abroad.

In the field of works of art, the valuation process aims to determine the economic value of a work of art or a collection, through research and detailed examination of each object. This process is based on impartial critical thinking, requires an objective approach to each case and of course excellent knowledge of the complex parameters that accompany each project.

However, the issue of determining value in a work of art is not simple. Art objects are something unique, the price of which cannot be determined so simply. It is complicated to give a value to an object that is considered "invaluable", as the aesthetic pleasure and what this work of art can offer to its viewers and owners are things that can not be easily calculated with numbers. The art appraiser is sometimes called upon to take the role of coordinator of a scientific working group, which undertakes the multidimensional approach of the object of study and of course collectively concludes on the final economic value of the object.

QVALUE has a lot of experience in Art Works Valuation.
In this emerging knowledge economy, it can be characterized as a company specializing in this subject.

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