Business valuation is a complex financial analysis and must be carried out by a qualified - certified professional economist with the appropriate credentials and experience.

There are many reasons why a Business Valuation study is necessary.

  • To understand the Value of business Sale and to achieve the highest price
  • In order to evaluate an Acquisition offer and the trader to know the limits that can be reached
  • In order to highlight the factors that influence and regulate business valuation
  • For cases of Shareholder Divorce, partner departure or for shareholder disputes between them
  • For the purposes of litigation, for the determination of financial losses, loss of profits, fraud, expertise, etc
  • For reasons of the exit strategy of the entrepreneur from the company (Exit Strategy Planning)
  • For Financing the organization from a bank or from Private investors, but also for many more reasons

QVALUE in a knowledge economy, can be characterized as a company specialized at Valuations. Just call us!

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