Exit Strategy Planning

The main focus of many entrepreneurs is to sell their business and be rewarded for all the years of sacrifice and hard work.

But selling a business needs plan and time to get the best price. First of all, we have to understand the needs of potential buyers. That is why the preparation for the sale of a business should start 1-2 years before the target date.

What it takes to prepare a successful business sale:

• The exit strategies are evaluated and the most appropriate one is selected,
• The positive and negative points of the company are recorded with objectivity.
• The issues that a potential buyer may consider a problem or need improvement are noted and a solution-improvement program is created for these issues.
• The financial data are arranged in order to properly account for the financial situation of the company.
• Corporate processes and policies are recorded.
• A three-year Business plan and a presentation of the company to interested buyers are prepared.

In conclusion, the proper preparation of your business will significantly increase the chances of selling at the asking price.

QVALUE knows about Exit Strategy. For many years we offer our services responsibly, reliably and consistently to all our customers.

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